Darke Haunt Works 

Started out as a childrens party for our two oldest children. In 2000 my youngest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, C.P and Macrocephaly. The show became a fundraiser for Five Counties Childrens Centers and Easter Seals. These agencies being an integral need in our community for families with special needs Children. The show grew gradually over the years from some pumpkins, lights and music to a full show with improved Sound, Lights, special effects and costume.

We added a 12 foot spinning Vortex Tunnel (Time Tunnel),    A 12 foot Crypt with Victoria our talking, glowing, Floating Spirit. 4 foot gravestones surrounded by Thunder and Lightening, A full sized Roaring Fire Breathing Dragon, Mirror Maze, Chirping Bats with glowing eyes, Red eyed rampaging rats and a Peppers Ghost.

Unfortunatly 2006 and 2007 were difficult years with bad weather, high winds, power outages, low numbers and scarce donations. It was with deep regret we decided to rest and revamp the show as we look for a more permanent location.              

We will announce any future news

Midnight Angel…